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Simple, uncompromising and proven to be effective


The classic SOLE Sport Flip is comfortable, versatile and water-friendly. Ideal for post training or event recovery. It has the same shape as the footbeds but with the added benefit of a strategically placed metatarsal pad helps gently spread the toes. Wear them to the beach, pool, park, or just kicking around at home. Featuring cushioned, synthetic straps, and an ultra-soft polyester liner, Sport Flips offer customized comfort for the every day.


All the features of the Flip, but with an accommodative one-piece upper with built-in stretch that keeps your foot comfortably in place.  Ideal post-activity footwear, the same shape as the footbeds with an added metatarsal pad. Great for the locker room, the pool, the beach or anywhere in-between. Features


Equally at home on a mountain trail or scrambling through the water along the river's edge, Navigate is rugged and ready for adventure. Minimal, adjustable straps anchor your foot to the lightweight platform without being too restrictive.



All the benefits of the Prime collection with a cork footbed


 All the model provide these benefits:

  • Personalized orthopedic support
  • Equalizes pressure distribution
  • Reduces plantar fascia strain
  • Increases balance and feel
  • Maximizes natural heel cushioning


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