Active motivation is the Ed & Phil own brand and is currently used on our Runners' Training Log and the UV-Buddy ultraviolet bracelets.

The Runners' Training Log

Designed by runners (Ed & Phil) for runners, but it can also be used for other sports, the logbook has 53 weeks of undated log pages (2 pages to a week) and is spiral bound so that the pages open flat. There are also additional pages that allow for the recording of goals, race results etc. and pace & race time predictor charts.

The Runners' Training Log can have the front cover customised for a small minimum order quantity.


UV-Buddy ultraviolet awareness bracelets

Some of the beads in the bracelet change colour when exposed to ultraviolet light (the rays that can be harmful) to make the wearer aware that they are being exposed and should consider covering up or wearing sunblock. People who enjoy the outdoors need to be aware of the potential risks of sunlight. Even in cloudy conditions ultraviolet light can be an issue. The St Piran design (based on the Cornish flag) is exclusive to Ed & Phil Active.


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