ENGO® blister prevention patches are patented low-friction patches manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike other blister prevention and relief patches, ENGO® patches are applied to the inside of footwear or to the surfaces of insoles NOT TO THE SKIN. This means the patches provide long-lasting protection from blisters and are pain-free to apply and remove. ENGO® patches are thin, sweat-proof, water resistant and latex-free!

You can apply ENGO® blister patches wherever you normally experience blisters, hot spots or soreness caused by the rubbing of your skin. For example:

  • All sports footwear such as running, tennis, netball, football, rugby
  • Normal shoes
  • Walking and hiking boots
  • Breaking in new footwear and boots
  • Ice-skates and ski boots
  • Insoles
  • Oars, blades and paddles
  • Ski poles
  • Rake, hoe and shovel handles
  • Braces and pads

You can even use ENGO® patches on the bottom of furniture feet to make it easier to move around.

Available in 3 convenient pack sizes + heel patch pack and with a counter top display

       = 2 large ovals  4 large + 2 small ovals  club pack (30 large ovals)   or 2 heel patches

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