Skiweb offer a range of ice and snow shoe traction aids from Due North, including a lightweight product suitable for running and everyday walking and working shoes.

Get-a-Grip Everyday Traction Aid/Ice Grip

  • The lightweight Everyday rubberised ‘GET-A-GRIP’ traction aid is suitable for running, athletic, walking and casual footwear for daily urban use
  • 360 degree spike pattern provides more push off and lateral grip.

Patented Ice Diamond tungsten carbon spikes integrated into the open/close split rubber tread for improved traction on ice and packed snow.

Tungsten carbide wears longer and holds its ice piercing edge better than steel.

Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment making it easy to put on and take off the shoe.

’All Purpose’ and ‘All Purposes Oversized’ Ice & Snow Grips


Specially designed with a deeper toe box and wider sole for oversized footwear, such as rugged work and Pac-style boots.

All Purpose Oversized is ideal for those who work and play outdoors.

Increased traction helps prevent slips and falls on snow and ice, reducing the risk of pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by quick slips or falls.

             6 replaceable Ice Diamond tungsten carbide spikes for maximum grip

             Spike diamond pattern allows more push off and lateral grip

             Bi-directional tread for added traction

             Special compound rubber retains elasticity and fit in all temperatures

             Quick FitTM support rings and holes provide easy adjustment and easier on and off

             Extra wide, extra thick heel strap gives better grip, durability and longer wear

             Lightweight - footwear and product become one

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